About Us

SHAH MULTILAYER (P) LTD., a Pioneer in bath fittings, was established in 1994 by Shri Sanjeev Gupta, a technocrat from the DELHI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. He introduced the BLUES brand of Bath fittings. In the last 25 years, Blues has established credibility in terms of quality, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, a wide range of exquisite designs, all backed up with an excellent after-sales Service. We have constantly been working on each of these parameters continuously, keeping customer satisfaction and requirements in view. JOURNEY: Started in 1994 with a vision to create zero-defect bath fittings and a mission to make the best quality bath fittings with modern design and aesthetic looks at a competitive price, suiting every buyer of varying financial prowess of our great country. We started with the Delhi market, but now BLUES products are available in India’s entire length & breadth, and we are exporting to SRILANKA and GULF countries.


  1. C.P Fittings: In BLUES, we are proud to say that we have more than 50 designs, and we also claim and challenge that no other established brand has such a vast number of designs. Our art & style is trendy; this proves that we have constantly been taking care of customer taste & choice with stringent quality checks.
  2. BLUES can proudly say that it has got all types of products like Showers, Health Faucets, Accessories, Stainless Steel Sinks, PVC Cistern, PTMT Taps & Sensor Taps.
  3. We have Single Lever exclusive ranges for high-end customers and economical ranges to suit each & every pocket.
  4. We have forged body Diverters in high flow and Basin Diverters.

All this is In-House production under one roof.


Every BLUES product passes through set quality standards at every stage before it’s packed to be delivered to valuable customers. We follow BIS standards to make sure each & every faucet is tested to perform years after years.

We ensure :

  1. Brass composition: 56-59% copper in our raw material and finished products.
  2. All Rubber washers are made of synthetic material, and their shore hardness and tensile strength are tested as per BIS standards.
  3. All screws used are SS304 quality.
  4. Nickel and Chrome coating Ni> 10 microns and CR> 0.3 microns; also, we are doing 450 hrs salt spray test, To ensure corrosion resistance & long life of Nickel and chrome and a shiny and smooth surface.
  5. Testing: Each brass fitting is tested for 5.0 lac cycles at 5-7 bar water pressure to ensure there is no leakage and every faucet we produce has a stamp of BLUES quality.
  6. Even we have set standards for corrugated boxes to ensure that each product reaches its destination safely.


Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and our PTMT Taps are ISI certified & very soon, our C.P. fitting too will be BIS certified as the certification is under process.


We have a well-trained team of Technicians who provide prompt & satisfactory service on-site for concealed items.

Manufacturing Process

In BLUES, we do R&D as a continuing process to improve product concepts and functionality. It makes our products the best in its class combined with trouble-free technological superiority. Our products are crafted with a customer-centric focus on quality standards and are ergonomically designed. You will not only get quality products but the best after-sales service.

  1. Complete in-house production
  2. Most extensive manufacturing facility in Delhi/NCR.
  3. Latest technology adopted to manufacture.
  4. Zero defect bath fittings.
  5. Biggest range of products.

Distribution Network :


  1. 10 Years Warranty on Half Turn Fittings
  2. 7 Years Warranty on Quarter Turn Ceramic Disc Fittings
  3. 2 Years Warranty on PTMT Taps.
  4. 1 Year Warranty on Sensors, Pressmatic Taps, Flush Valves, Health Faucets & Showers.
  5. 0 Warranty on SS items for getting rusted.